• New Start NL

    New Start NL: services for non-Dutch

    New Start NL: services for non-Dutch

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    We offer all kind of services which are necessary to live in the Netherlands: housing (renting, buying/selling), Employment/jobs (contract review and issues), banking, health insurance, other insurances, schools for children, legal issues, taxes and more. Services are offered in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.


    Services are intended mainly for non-Dutch (speaking) people who move or have moved to the Netherlands; expats, but also newcomers, professionals and others. We are based in the Amsterdam area.


    The founder of New Start NL has good knowledge about the Dutch and Amsterdam reality and has excellent multilingual skills. In the last years helping out friends and others, the idea developed to start this new activity. New Start NL is able to find solutions and have doors opened. Helping and being able to offer solution is the core of the activity. References are available upon request.

    Services include explaining and helping to understand the system of the Netherlands as well as why things are organized in the 'Dutch' way.


    First introductory appointment to analyze the request is free of charge!

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    - Finding a house/apartment

    - Renting

    - Buying

    - Selling

    - Renting out

    - Legal issues

    - Mortgage assistance

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    - Employment/jobs (contract review and issues)

    - Finance & Banking

    - School (finding, understanding system)

    - Health insurance

    - Medical assistance

    - Other insurances

    - Subscriptions of internet/tv/mobile phone ecc.

    - Taxes and tax-issues (Belastingdienst)

    - Legal issues

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    For all kind of questions and requests, please fill in this form. Also for a first free appointment, contact us.